Version 1.19 - Nav ok on mobile

Finally we have a navigation that works fine on mobile phone!
Check it out!




Now you can quickly insert a task!

Now it's possible to quickly add a task from the Mission page!

Finally this functionality it's here!




Version 1.18 - General improvement

Hi guys,
so this version is a general improvement.
Graphics improved. Especially in the sub task management.

Now there is the possibility of adding a list of your values in the Goal page

Fun fact:
Since 1940, the year Chuck Norris was born, roundhouse kick related deaths have increased 13,000 percent.




Version 1.17 Sub-task added

Sub-task added!
What that means?

It means you can add other voice to the tasks of the missions. Sub-task. Like a checklist.
This version still need some improvement on the grafics but overall this funtionality is great. 

Stay tune!



Version 1.16 All in 100hV

Wowowoww a new version is out!

What's changed?
Not a lot really..

I just put all website in 100hV. What that means?
It means that the website in now visible on the size of your screen. You cannot scroll down! LOL

That's all.
See you next time.

Have a fantastic day from the OITI team. That's compose only by me! [for now.. hahahah (evil laught)]



Version 1.15 - The long way to the top

This project is going very slow. But it's going. 
I just introduced some new changes and improved other things. The overall functionality stay the same for now.

Now you can add a category in you projects!

I will keep you all updated



Version 1.14- A working budgeting app

You need a budget.

Having a budget help you meet your financial goals. 
Start keeping track of your balance with this budgeting app. 

With this version I completed the basic funtionalities of an budget app. 
You can insert a category, insert a budget for that category and start recording your movements. 
It's easy, it's rapid. Start improving your financial future now!



Version 1.13 - Goals, Missions, Logbook and Budget

I do not know what OITI will become. Is a creature in constant evolution. 
I create  useful software for myself with the hope that it will be useful also for other people. 

I started with the Missions page. I use the missions for managing my projects. It's really helping me to keep track of my projects and schedule in life.

Then I created the page Goals for having an overview of my goals in life and my scope. It helps me to stay on track and create the right missions to fulfill the right goals.

The page Logbook instead is a page that I use like a personal diary. I think that journaling is a great habit to have. So I just practice journaling in the logbook page.

The budget page is a cool project that I'm working on. I'm managing my projects, but what if a project has money involve? Well.. for that I need to have a plan, a structure to follow for saving, investing and buying the things that I need to reach the goals. So let's create a budgeting app. 

Feedback are always welcome




I'm creating this platform for helping people accomplish great missions.

The ultimate goal is to motivate people to follow through in what they are working on.
My mission with OITI is not only to provide a useful platform for managing your goals but also to keep you motivate in accomplish them.

OITI is a temporary name. I couldn't find anything better so I put together an acronym from Jeff Bezos:
-Obsessed over customer;
-Think long term;
-It's always day one;

What are you waiting for? Log in, write your goals and start accomplish missions!