"Seek Disconfort"

Version 1.13 - Goals, Missions, Logbook and Budget

I do not know what OITI will become. Is a creature in constant evolution. 
I create  useful software for myself with the hope that it will be useful also for other people. 

I started with the Missions page. I use the missions for managing my projects. It's really helping me to keep track of my projects and schedule in life.

Then I created the page Goals for having an overview of my goals in life and my scope. It helps me to stay on track and create the right missions to fulfill the right goals.

The page Logbook instead is a page that I use like a personal diary. I think that journaling is a great habit to have. So I just practice journaling in the logbook page.

The budget page is a cool project that I'm working on. I'm managing my projects, but what if a project has money involve? Well.. for that I need to have a plan, a structure to follow for saving, investing and buying the things that I need to reach the goals. So let's create a budgeting app. 

Feedback are always welcome